Dassenberg Horse Rescue Centre

Mayanna Muter & her Family & Friends

It goes without saying to say thank you to Mayanna and her family for the amazing work they do, the heartache they suffer to brave the witness of the cruelty to these animals... Much respect to you!!! You go where no one else could dare, and change what no one else deemed possible to change. Thank you...

Volunteers & Loyal Sponsors

Many thanks to the wonderful and dedicated volunteers! Especially our main gal Adele with the help of Cherie (Adoption), Cheryl, Susy, Gretha, Theresa, Liz, Sufrani, Meresia, Grenville, Monique, and a few special others, you all selflessly give up your weekends to spend time with our beautiful animals. Also to PETS (Pet Empowerment in Townships) Anoux, Karyn, Kerry and the team, and also to Malcolm Uytenbogaardt from LIFTECH, and Sonja from HOPE FARM for being there to keep our heads above water.

To our amazing vets who help us take care of the health of our aminals at such a reasonable cost. It goes without saying that without you this would not be possible. Shout out to Drs. Groenewald & Lamprecht from Bergzicht Diere Hospital.

Thank you to you all from the bottom of my heart.

Mayanna x

Web Design & Fundraising Teams

A big thank you to the team who made this website possible. Simon, Philippa and Chinelle, you captured the essence of our hearts and our work, beautifully - you put us 'on the map', and we extend our gratitude to you! To Carol, for your unwavering support and loyalty to DHRC, and for keeping our heads above water with your 'never say die' attitude, and wonderful fundraising ability, so that our horses and dogs don't ever go without food! To all the other volunteers that are always willing to pull there weight regardless of what projects we attempt, I salute you!

THANK YOU!! From the bottom of my heart! Mayanna


bryan strauss:

i reaaly like what you guys are doing for horses and other animals..id like to join your rescue group,as i am living for horses,i still attend school,i do have agricultural science as an subject..i really like horses but as my dad will bye me and horse but we dont seem to find an suitable home ..if was possible you can contact me on 021-5720063 / 0823367052