Dassenberg Horse Rescue Centre

Testimonies from Volunteers

Here are some testimonies of people who have visited the DHRC recently!

The first 4 testimonies are from young people from HOPE FARM (Rehab for drug & substaince abuse). This is so rewarding to see . Please keep reading!

The success story of Kia

Organization: Adoption
Name: Ashley Solomon

Hi Philippa,

Here are some pics of Kia.She’s really doing very well and has become an instant addition to our family.She’s so full of life and love.We are really blessed to have her and more she is so protective of us and understands when we communicate with her.

Thanks again

God Bless

Testimony 1

Organization: HOPE FARM (Rehab for drug & substaince abuse)

My experience at the horse farm was incredible and extraordinary. What a pity that the day went by so fast! The feelings that I experienced while grooming the horses was of complete peace, tranquillity, comfort and therapeutic. I cannot believe that people pay so much for a horse and then neglect and / or abuse this beautiful animal! Since I fully accepted the Lord as my Saviour I notice all the things / people / animals much more clearer. PSALM 119:18 " Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law." Praise God for all His precious creations!

Testimony 2

Organization: HOPE FARM (Rehab for drug & substaince abuse)

It was a very moving and humbling experience. The longer you are with them the more you want to be with them. I'm just happy someone cares for them.Proverbs 12 v 10. "The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel."

Testimony 3

Organization: HOPE FARM (Rehab for drug & substaince abuse)

Let me start by saying that I expected to be eaten alive by he horses. They are intimidating in size and unpredictable (and traumatised on top of all that). But once we got there and started to walk around I felt a bit more at ease. Upon hearing the stories of abuse and how the horses came to be on the farm, I found myself feeling like I knew the horses. I felt like I understood their reservations, skittishness and most of all their fear. I believe that the horses sensed this too because they were very gentle, friendly and affectionate with me. My guard dropped very quickly once I started grooming them, leaving room for them to creep in and bring out soft, tender and vulnerable emotions that I try (unsuccessfully) to hide. The day ended too quickly, as it always does when you are enjoying yourself. Looking back I feel like the horses left something in me, and I in them, something healing, something hopeful... Something selfless.

Testimony 4

Organization: HOPE FARM (Rehab for drug & substaince abuse)

Rescueing one dog or horse can't change the world but the world for that dog or horse is changed forever.One day with the horses at the rescue farm was an experience and sad to see how many horses are being abused by mankind but it was a chance to do something from our side (Hope Farm) even if we only cleaned the stables and groomed and spent some time with them, I think they enjoyed it a lot and I could see it because the one I groomed while I was busy fell over started rolling in the sand, and what touched me was they become wild after being abused but after spending time with them they began trusting people again and that was the beauty of it all.



Hi guys, love the testimonies. How can I get into contact with you and Hope farm?