About 6 years ago Mayanna received a call from a woman who lived in Melkbosstrand. She told Mayanna a story about a small pony that she had just bought and needed a place where he could go.....that it had to be a place where no one could touch him, he needed a Sanctuary.

He was continually beaten when unable to pull a heavy cart full of metal, on one occasion it was a wrecked car. He was dehydrated and weak, he collapsed in the road and SPCA had been called for the third time to help save this little fellow. Every time the owner was given a warning but within a week Smarty was again pulling the heavy cart. He lived in Epping and travelled all the way to Melkbosstrand and back, daily.

Mayanna collected this pony. She thinks he was miniature Hackney X Welsh, a beautiful boy ..... Chestnut with white socks and big blaze. Not only was his colour eye catching, his movement was like he was dancing.

The day Mayanna collected him he was already in a halter..... she checked him over carefully, he was a bit thin and scarred with white patches of fur on his back, conducive of wounds from ill fitting harness.

Her small grand child, Kendra, was visiting, she was about 8 years old at the time. She was so excited, she now had a pony she could cuddle, groom and generally love.

When they arrived home, Smarty was taken to one of the stables which has a camp enclosure so the pony could walk in and out at will.

Mayanna removed the halter and let him loose. Little Kendra begged to be allowed to go inside and talk to him.... Mayanna had no objection, after all, what better way for pony and child to bond? She opened the gate to let Kendra in and as she walked through......a Chestnut streak flew in her direction with teeth bared and ears flat back, Mayanna scooped Kendra up and swung her out the gate, as flying hind hooves missed them and gate by fractions.

From that moment on, Mayanna spent every day at his gate, with a bucket of food in her hand, he was not allowed to have a bite until he touched her hand.....they then progressed to touching left side, right side then he had to turn so she could rub his tail, then touch left hind, right hind leg... This continued until he would dance from left side to right side as she asked, then one day she showed him the halter and said ....."Smarty halter on"...he pushed his nose into the halter..... That was when Mayanna knew he would never hurt anyone again and she was right, he never did.

Smarty then went to live with a dear friend of DHRC and spent 4 years enjoying love and attention. He also enjoyed the companionship of a cow and two small ponies.

Last year, 2013, Smarty came back home to DHRC, Mayanna believes he had teeth problems with age and wasn't gaining weight. He was with us for about a year before he got colic in August this year and no matter what we did, Mayanna and the vet did not manage to make him well again.

Smarty left this world and left a huge hole in our hearts ...... At least he left, knowing that he was very much loved. His beloved owner Karl, passed away a couple of weeks after Smarty.

We feel sure that Smarty knew this was going to happen, and decided he had to be there waiting before hand, to guide his special Dad over the Rainbow bridge together.

RIP Smarty and Karl. Always remembered by your friends at DHRC