Dassenberg Horse Rescue Centre

Horse Horrors


A vet ethanasing a thoroughbred gelding. He had gangrene caused by being ridden on a piece of baling twine tied too tight for too long.

This horse died of hunger and thirst. He had been put out to fend for himself int he peak of summer. His owner could not afford to feed him at home and believed he would be able to survive the drought.

3 year old thoroughbred colt. Dehydrated and starved, with wounds on his hind. Renal Failure. Died after a 6 week battle to save him.

This pony is used for breeding. Sadly the owner is not interested in learning to care for his animals.

Horse Thieves

1 month old foul was left to die when thieves took his mother away. He did not survive.

1 year old colt was hit between the ears with a hammer. Horse thieves tried to ride him and when he paniced they beat him. His eyes turned blue (blind). He was put out of his misery.

This foal was stolen by horse thieves and run on tarmac until its hooves were worn down to the sole. It could no longer move from exhaustion. When they could no longer ride the horse they drove a car into it to get it moving. In the process they broke its leg. For fun they then set him on fire. When the horse was found he was still alive and in excruciating pain.

Injuries Caused By Horse Thieves

Ridden until they drop and then sliced with a knife when the horse can no longer move.

Stolen and ridden with baling twine tied so tight that it stops the blood circulating, which in some circumstances has caused gangrene in the horses tongue.



This is absolutely heartbreakingly sad! and a disgrace to the human race! How can ANYONE treat an animal, not to mention a beautiful gracious animal such as a horse, like this. DRHC, thank you for your amazing work and effort to save these animals from cruel hands and trying to give them a loving, caring home.


Heartbreaking beyond words ... Animal abuse, sadly, exists worldwide, but South Africa has become such a morally bankrupt nation that it has bred a generation of monsters so sick that they stink of evil.

Hesse Rose Beeslar:

How could they do such thing to such awsome animals.I would never in my life hurt a hair on a horse. They would not like it if we do it to them. And if he could not look after his horse he should sell it to someone not let it starve to death. this is so sad. why do they triet them that way.


waar ek graag n perd wil he en hulle doen dit met die perde ,in riverlands is 7 perde gesteel so 3 weke trug

Lola & Danielle:

This is disgusting! How can people treat animals like this!?


OMG these poor animals they have sone nothing to hurt theses cruel people but even so they still get no care and attention thanks so much DRHC for everything its so sad to see what these cruel people have done to such innocent animals 😢so sad


This simply breaks my heart I'am a big time horse lover, and how ANYONE could treat any animal this way I do not know!!!!!!!! Thank God for places like DRHC that are trying to help these innocent creatures!!!!


die GOED wat dit gedoen het is nie mense nie...hulle is hartelose varke om die minste te se. dis ondinkbaar!!daai mense gan reguit hell toe


Ek kan nie glo mense kan sulke goed doen nie. Hulle is ongediertes, en het geen reg op aarde nie.


Feel like I want to vomit - makes me feel sick to be part of the human race... I would love to get hold of these monsters and make them suffer........

Carol / Caz (Volunteer):

We are out of straw for the horses, if anyone can help us, please do?



Ek het sentimente met julle bedoelings, maar geen dier verdien dit dat mense soos dié met hulle vergelyk word nie! People like these should be locked away in cages and forced by law to serve animals.


That is beyond cruelty. For horse theft I have neckbande (solar collar gps trackers also for cattle, sheep/goats) to prevent livestock theft (info@findmesectech.co.za).


So horrible that anybody even has to deal with this kind of unacceptable abuse..I am a huge horse lover who is battling to ride because of stupid politics but I just wish everyone would just stop this shit before worrying about putting goofer dust on my saddle..I would just lose my control and strangle the pieces of shit that do this to these beautiful animals if I ever saw them..to say I am upset is an understatement and when I saw the thoroughbred colt just started balling my eyes out!


And the rest is so shockingly disgusting I cant even begin to fathom why. Why do these stupid pea brained idiots hit them(with things like a hammer) and tie them up, break their bones and burn them? Why do animals become a target like this..there is seriously something not right with these abusers brains..WTF! This is evil, karmas gonna get you!

mandy carson:

i run a rescue centre in Ontario Canada, nothing like the horrors you see but still our own set of nightmares! Am wishing to move to SA and either work with, start up or buy out an existing rescue center, do you have any suggestions or emplyment /volunteer opportunities etc.

Love to hear back, my website www.equinerescueandsales.com

many thanks mc

Danielle the horse lady aka ibegha:

this is a soooo sad i nearly cried ow could people set him on fire i just cant belive this i just want to do to those people what they do to the horses or foals how sad. i am just disgusted how could they. :(

Ibegha boy:

begha boogha beghaaaa eat da beghaaaa

sameera will eat it if u dont IBHEGA!!!!!!! love begha boy

Penny bartlett:

The foal that was raced to death driven over and set alight? Were the perps caught?

Penny Bartlett:

Ibegha Boy....what does that mean?