Dassenberg Horse Rescue Centre

Dog Disasters

This dog 'Freeway' was dumped on the R304. Annorexic, dehydrated and suffering burns from Jeyes fluid that had been thrown over his body

This dogs owners neglected her to this degree. Mayanna convinced them to hand her over to K9 Animal Rescue. Her skin was green, mouldy and secondary skin infection had set in. The bones in her legs were weak due to acute mulnutrition. These photo's were taken approximately 2 weeks after the 'rescue'.

The pound collected this dog from Atlantis one Tuesday, Mayanna was present at the time. She advised that the dog be euthanased A.S.A.P. due to the fact that the dog had distemper and 'Vituses Dance' in the hind legs - he could not walk. At this time he was not in teh condition as seen in the photo. He was completely conscious and not this thin.

One week later when Mayanna visited the pound, she found the dog in this condition and still alive!

This female dog was found with a piece of cable bound around her neck. She was starving and cold. We have named her 'Tara' and she now has a home with us.

Joe was picked up at a farm in Saxonworld. He had biliary and was in a weakend state. We had him treated and proceeded to search for his owners. They were never found. Two months later Joe suffered a relapse and died.



Shocking, how can anyone hurt any animals

Lola & Danielle:


Danielle: i adopted a dog named Lily she is the sweetest girl in the world, found with no hair broken leg and wire around leg....

Edith Bridgens:

How can people be so cruel it really breaks my heart to see an animal suffer like that


Anorexia is not a body type people


Oh no! Sorry dogs that you have to deal with such monsters, this is absolutely terrible but what runs through my mind too is how can animal torture in the form of testing on animals be legal? They use all kinds of animals too, including cats and dogs..torture! And how many people support testing unknown to themselves? Too horrifick! It is always horrible to see stuff like this