Dassenberg Horse Rescue Centre


Gender: Male
Age: About 8 Months o
Size: Small-Medium
Breed: Mixed Breed

He is in great health! Still needs to be castrated!

This boy who is just slightly bigger than a long legged jack russel is very social, sits for his food, very clever and will be able to be trained well! He will do well with an active family!



Hello, I would like to adopt a dog but have a cat and travel quite a lot. But would like to care for the Dante, take him for walks and provide for his meals and other necessities. Would it be possible for this to work for you, me and Dante? please let me know. You can call me on my Cell 0766411425. Ps I'm a friend of Manuela Schroeder and will also discuss it with her tomorrow. Thank you and kind regards Monica