Dassenberg Horse Rescue Centre

Where It All Began

The Dassenberg Horse Rescue Centre (DHRC) is a small animal rescue organization with a heart as big as its name.

Founded by Mayanna Muter in 1999 it is an organization born of necessity and in the fate of basic elements of human nature. "Do dreams ever turn out the way they are dreamt?" asks Mayanna and she might tell you that they're often pale in comparison to reality.

Her dreams were to retire and breed and raise quality mixed-breed horses. Mayanna knew hard work awaited her when she and her partner David Lee signed the lease for the grounds. Fate however brought them to this place for a different reason and grace has carried them thus far.

"I started with 12 horses and a couple of foals. A friend of mine, Cheryl Kemp was helping me at that stage. We decided that we would get the youngsters from Atlantis to help us. In return we would teach them about horses and how to look after and ride them." said Mayanna.

The plan didn't quite work out that way as some of the youngsters led them to a place call Death Hill where very poor and cruel horse owners take their horses to stay as they don't have stables or food for them. When natural grazing and water dried up the animals would be left there to die as many did. (See pictures in Horse Horrors)

This is where the dream changed forever. Mayanna Muter, Cheryl Kemp and various volunteers have in the years of DHRC's existence rescued and rehabilitated countless horses that, without their efforts, would have been condemned to brutal and pointless deaths.

As if this wasn't enough, they have had to battle the indifference of local authorities and welfare organizations, and have sought to educate the local community on the basic points of grooming and care. Much of this was achieved with little resources and without any financial contributions.

As Mayanna says, the work has to be done. "Who could ignore the plight of such beautiful animals? We have no choice but to carry on. As tough as it gets sometimes, it is definitely worth it."

The centre is currently caring for and rehabilitating many rescued animals, with much of the financial burden being shouldered on Mayanna, her family and the volunteers. When you look at the pictures on the gallery page you will see many horses who look in good health, happy and believe it or not they all have names.

This has truly become a sanctuary for not only dogs, horses and other animal but also for humans. A sanctuary where you can get away from the rush of everyday life and come find inner healing when looking in the eyes of grateful gentle giants that have been given a second chance.

The centre is urgently in need of donations. The priority requirements are horse feed (straw & concentrates), medicines such as de-worming, wound sprays/creams, pain-killers, penicillin & veterinary services. We are also looking for donations of building materials to build more shelters & food-rooms.

If you would like to contribute go to the contact page and send us a note that we will reply to soon. Or else make a payment into the DHRC bank account!

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